Speechmart´s idea is to provide ready speeches for every occasion and audience.
We provide speech in Weddings, Company Speeches, Birthdays, Engagement, Funerals, Reunions, Seasonal speeches and much much more.

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About the Owner

  My name is Lena Holfve and operates this service.
We have had a similar service in Sweden since 2003, www.taltips.se

We have placed ads all over Europe and are bringing in new employees in all areas of our operation, and we will start formally on the day we have 600 speeches in our database.

Because we have deep experience and believe that there will not be much difference in this from our Swedish operation, we can assume that the peak season for selling the speeches will be between May 1 and October 1…

But a service like this is driven mostly through Google Ads and skilled technicians that can work with SEO.
I worked as a professional writer in Sweden until 1992 and then came to work only with the Internet.
Back in 1992 I started my first IT service and I have received the final rates three times in the Stockholm Challenge

I rank as one of the pioneers of the Internet in Sweden, and I turn 60 years on 8 March.
For a few years I was the Swedish government's ambassador to female entrepreneurship.

You are welcome into the project that we will shape this spring. What we have done now is that we have made a copy of the Swedish service that we know works more than well.

Lena Holfve

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